Permission to Be Creative! 

It seems like many people were scarred by their childhood education in art. If you don't enjoy creativity because you believe that you're not talented or gifted, then hold on a moment. I'm here to share with you a secret:

There is no place for judgement in creativity.

Let me repeat that for emphasis:

There is no place for judgement in creativity.

Human beings are creative beings. Mainstream culture doesn't like to admit that. To get creative, we have to confront some unfortunate facts. Many of us are living in an invisible mind-made prison. This is made up of our early conditioning - including critical parenting, teachers at school and competitive peers. It doesn't have to be that way though.

We can gently peel back the layers of conditions and find the Real Creative You underneath. Everyone has a gift for creativity. Even though you may not see it, I guarantee it.

I use multimedia art practice as a coaching tool. The creative process of an artist is no different to the processes of thoughts, emotions and consciousness that goes on inside everyone. The artist simply learns how to express that process and make it visible in the outside world.

In my art-making workshop, I provide expressive media and 100% positive and nurturing support for you to let go of your blocks. I can support you to discover your inner self and your authentic style. Attuning to your Soul's language, you'll learn the form, rhythm and colours that help you reflect on life and who you are. This work is very good for people who struggle with mental health because it calms and focuses the mind.

I coach individuals and groups to unleash creativity. Embrace your own colourful, stylish, unique and much more appreciated Self. Let your inner flow of creativity nourish you, and learn to love yourself through art.

Some examples of activities and media we can explore include - mandala making, sand trays, symbol making, eco-art, time-line art, intuitive painting, zen-tangles, dance and movement, sound, music appreciation, photography, drama, art performance, digital media, land art, sculpture, collage, installation and creative writing. Every session begins with simple exercises to tune into your creative energy. I will work with you to hold your process on a journey of empowerment and play!

Appointments are in person in Glastonbury or by home visit. I also provide virtual, creativity coaching sessions on Zoom, where I can guide you through activities and reflections in real-time, and set simple homework tasks to empower and hold your self-reflection and inner healing.

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Last, but by no means least, I teach and facilitate group workshops. These are opportunities to meet fellow souls and connect with a creative, heart-centred community. For notifications of upcoming events including updates, please join my mailing list; click here.


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Deep gratitude for my services goes to my ancestors, parents, teachers, mentors, friends, colleagues and clients whom I learn and receive so much from every day.

This is a generosity-based business operating in the 'Gift Economy'. Services are freely-given. 

Donations are welcome to sustain my living via PayPal. A percentage of profit is paid to several humanitarian and nature charities.

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