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Online, Somerset & London, UK

All honour and gratitude for my services go to my parents, teachers, friends, colleagues and clients whom I learn from every day in my practice


My artwork is inspired by experimentation, fun and freedom and also, I hope, invites people to participate in coming to terms with a sense of soulfulness and play. 


My process-oriented practice embraces humour and spontaneity and draws on Fluxus and automatic methods.  I trained in Fine Art at Camden College and the University of Brighton. I have made a home in myself as one who creates from authentic creative instinct, encounters the symbolic and transcends concepts where possible.


Upcoming Events


Mandala Art workshop - details coming soon


Online Exhibition - 'Transient Psyche'

These works are from major turning points in my life and multimedia art practice from 2011 to 2017. Transient Psyche is the title I gave this collection because each moment of insight was fleeting, each glimpse of the Soul, a flicker of a candle in the dark. When I create, it is like entering a void, feeling my way through the shadows and giving form to what I find there. Creativity is emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual; the process of creation itself seems to be the conscious intent to live fully. These works present aspirational tendrils of growth from my imagination, as my innermost being expands into the world.

(Click on the images to enlarge / view details)

 - Kesley Cage