Life Beyond Anxiey

I practise a therapeutic approach with techniques evidenced to improve symptoms of anxiety, related issues, and underlying causes, with long-lasting transformational effects.

Issues that therapy may help with:

• Low mood and overwhelm

• Shame and self-esteem

• Anger and assertiveness

• Inner faith and spirituality

• Sex and relationships
• Drinking / smoking / drug use

• Body image

• Social communication
• Recovery from abuse

• Pain management

• Understanding your personal patterns and traits

• Communication and leadership

• Big life changes

• Ambiguous loss, bereavement and grief

• Healing from emotionally painful experiences

• Growth after adverse events
• Anything that is causing you unwanted stress​

Outcomes may include:

• Enhanced pro-active mindset and balanced optimism so you can realistically solve you own problems

• Improved nervous system self-regulation, so you can handle strong emotions and defuse your own triggers

• Behaviour change so you can break habits that are keeping you back from your full potential

• Greater awareness of personal needs and resources, so you can develop short and long term goals and action steps

• Improved mental/spiritual hygeine including better sleep at night and balanced daytime rest and activity

• Calmer mind and less worried thoughts, with the ability to let go

• Courage and resilience in the face of fear and uncertain cirumstances

• Healthier boundaries i.e. the ability to wholeheartedly say "yes" or "no" when you need to

• Increased energy and enthusiasm for life and social activities

• Enhanced self-knowledge which brings trust in your self, your strengths and taking care of your vulnerablities

• Improved self-care and valuing of your feelings as your emotional guidance system, not something to be suppressed, but a source of wisdom

• Ovecoming inhibitions and living the life that you want to live now

• Stronger, safer trauma-informed relationships in famlily/romantic/friends/professional life

• Greater sense of power, purpose, vision and direction on your life path

• Self-awareness to act in ways that feel correct and proper to what you really think and feel; meaning co-operation and leadership abilities

• Skills and tools to nourish your peace of mind


Good Practice

I am committed to sustaining and advancing a good level of clinical practice and undergo confidential supervision for all my work. I choose to adhere to the ethical framework set by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).