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All honour and gratitude for my services go to my ancestors, parents, family, teachers, friends, colleagues and clients whom I learn from every day

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Kesley Cage

ITEC Massage Dip, ITEC Anatomy & Physiology Cert, Life Coaching Dip,

UTPTP Grad, Holistic Therapy Cert, MCMA, MFHT, SCThA, SUKCP, SBACP

​I believe that consciously realised experiences of Spiritual Love are necessary and healing.

I first became a healer by learning how to endure my own Dark Nights of the Soul. I learnt to begin the work of deepening spiritual relationships with myself and also others. I was assisted in my transformation by many healers and friends. I believe that the work of spirituality is ongoing and eternal, and that suffering and well-being are two sides of the same coin. The secret, which I believe that many people may benefit from - is how to "suffer well". Part of my journey has been in finding out that there are deeper reserves of power and strength in me than I ever though possible in my deepest suffering. Now my work is about supporting others to make that similar discovery within themselves, and to uphold well-being not as a goal but as an inherent quality we all have.

I started my therapeutic practice from a foundation of personal meditation practice and qualifying in massage, anatomy and physiology and counselling skills. Since then, I have advanced in therapeutic massage/bodywork through many courses of continuing professional development, and this has included Ayurveda, Bio-Energetic Healing, Trigger-Point Therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine. I practice a holistic (holistic means "whole person" - mind, body,  soul, spirit, emotions) approach to working with clients in massage therapy, and specialise in working with stress-related conditions. I utilise my innate heightened sense of intuition and kinaesthetic empathy, in combination with evidence-based techniques, compassionate touch and deep listening.

Also, as a trained Spiritual Life Coach I support individual souls who seek to develop personal insight, process healing and nourish inner growth. At the heart of spiritual coaching are the relational qualities of companionship, non-judgement and encouragement to assist my clients to cultivate deepening inner resources of spiritual strength. Coaching can be challenging but also life-changing as I support my clients to heal unconscious wounds. My practice draws on mindfulness, neuropsychology, archetypal psychology, philosophy and 'the Hero's Journey' within a person-centred paradigm. I hold Integral ethics and Humanist values, and my practice is inter-spiritual, inclusive of atheist, nonreligious, religious and multi-ethnic clients. I am trained and certified in the Safeguarding of Children and Vulnerable Adults. 

My work is inclusive, affirming, non-marginalising and robustly geared to empower and support clients who may be living under social oppression. I have trained intensively in spirituality, gender and erotic diversity and belong to a community of sex-positive clinicians and educators. I support many clients including people who identify as LGBTQ+ and/or who are in polyamorous, open, and monogamous relationships, or who are involved with sex work, kink or alternative lifestyles. I apply this training in deep empathy and understanding in the field of spiritual life coaching.

I am grateful to continue to receive personal and professional support my colleagues and peers. I attend and run workshops, spiritual circles, and peer seminars, and develop areas of interest such as Transpersonal Psychology, Shadow Work, Trauma Healing, Meditation, Laughter Therapy, Mindful Communication and Therapeutic Art. I am currently continuing training as a Work That Reconnects Facilitator, which is a Spiritual activist process in times of ecological change. I am training in PsychoSpiritual counselling with a body-orientated approach.

My client work spans 1:1 coaching, counselling, massage and workshops, and I also practice multi-media art, performing arts and community-building, which you can find featured on this website. I seek to make my healing mission as inclusive as possible and to remove all barriers to health and happiness. I am a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists, the Complementary Medical Association, the United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapists and the Complementary Therapist Association. All my work is in accordance with a strict ethical code of practice and under clinical supervision. I work privately in Wells and Glastonbury, Somerset, and Online.