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Integral Bodywork

Balancing "doing" with "being"

Body and mind are deeply interrelated. Many of us find that we live mostly up in our heads and frequently forget about the rest of our bodies. Resolving the issues in our lives (anxiety, mood, relationships, work-related stress) is often more effective when we are supported to 'feel' and 'move energy' in our bodies, which has an effect that synchronises bringing peace to the mind. Perhaps, you are ready to take an embodied approach to your wellbeing also? I hold appropriate training and experience to offer therapy that can assist you to calm and relax your body and mind, and create an inner connection and awareness so that you can continue your self-healing process, feeling nourished and in alignment with the life-giving 'flow' energy available to you from around you and within you.

Integral bodywork may be especially helpful to you if you're:

- a HSP (Highly-Sensitive Person*)

- looking for a boost to your wellbeing, or for some preventative healthcare

- feeling stressed or under the weather

- having difficulties with relaxation

- recovering from any kind of experience that has left you feeling disconnected from, or uncomfortable in, your body

You're welcome to see the options available below, and chat with me to ask questions and confirm.

Body massage is a simple, and mostly silent, deep-tissue treatment much like you'll find in many holistic salons and complementary medical centres, however integrated with psychotherapeutic presence for in-depth healing support. You may choose to enjoy this treatment clothed or with the added benefits of aromatherapy oils massaged into your skin. Each session is a safe 'container' for you to relax deeply, process feelings and release emotions gently and safely. You will be supported to create a restorative connection with your body's natural healing process. This is a kind of somatic therapy. Positive outcomes may include better sleep, lowered stress, improved mood and an overall sense of balance, calm, resilience and vitality.

Body psychology is a counselling space where you can talk about your issues and be supported to find how they connect to feelings and sensations in your body. This is a gentle and non-intrusive treatment and can assist you in the gradual healing of post-traumatic stress and strong emotions held in the body at the roots of anxiety. This work may include the option to explore receiving therapeutic use of touch/massage to build trust, relaxation and connection with parts of your body. We may utilise tools from mindfulness, embodied IFS, bioenergetics and Focusing. Body psychology can give you a deep and lasting relationship with your inner mind and body connection, that can assist you to heal emotions from the past and improve your present and future wellbeing.

How to book a Body Massage or Body Psychology session:

Thank you for your interest. Offering compassion to your body, creates a more compassionate world. We may work together for 1-6+ sessions. Each session lasts upto 1 hour and costs £60 (paid in advance). You can cancel or reschedule within 48-72 hours if needed. To get started, you're welcome to arrange a free, initial 10-20 minute chat.

Integral Bodywork: About Me

*Most people benefit from therapy, however HSP's, with their sensory processing sensitivity, are likely to need the time and space to 'process' that therapy offers, every now and again, in order to have the best opportunities to thrive. Wondering if you might be a HSP? Here's a test, which can give you an indication of whether you might be a highly-sensitive person.

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