Bodywork to reconnect body and soul



Welcome to this sacred space for compassionate and transformational conscious experiences of embodiment through movement and touch. This work is a creative extension of my personal practice in mindfulness, spiritual ethics as well as dance and movement in the arts. 

Embodiment is a process of bringing loving awareness to the body. It is a deepening of incarnation and individuation. Liberation from suffering isn't outside of ourselves but within our innermost, embodied experiences. Throughout our lives, we may have been held back, conditioned and divided from our full experience of freedom in the body. Embodiment is a 'middle way' to integrate body and mind and to heal what is necessary to heal between these non-separate aspects of your being.

As an embodiment facilitator, my intention is to meet you where you need to be met, and I may accompany on your healing journey. The work may expand your sense of self and offers you space and freedom to arrive in a relationship of love and trust with your body and with life.

I facilitate embodiment in a person-centred way. Throughout the continuation of our work together, sessions may be more or less oriented toward movement or touch depending on where we feel called at any time, and I will safely support you through this.

Movement-oriented sessions are an invitation to explore being in your body in a healing way, cultivating loving awareness in the space that is within you and around you as you move. You may come into contact with untapped reserves of inner energy, emotions and creativity. I will be there with you providing listening, communication, kinaesthetic attunement, empathy and embodied presence. All feelings are welcome in the space. Movement is expressive and can be intense as you connect deeply, journey with your inner process and activate consciousness expansion. 

Touch-oriented sessions are an extension of therapeutic massage and hands-on energy healing into the field of soul embodiment. We begin with dropping into the heart for a healing dialogue around experiences of touch. The kind of touch I facilitate in this work is conscious and loving physical contact for the benefit of spiritual healing. Deeply affirming, consensual, ethical experiences of touch may reprogramme emotional holding patterns, free your experience of being in your body, and develop your language of conscious touch to use with yourself and others. 


Benefits of bodywork:

- Elevates confidence and well-being

- Improves posture and movement 

- Releases stress and stored emotions

- Eases nervous and muscular tension

- Decreases anxiety and over-thinking

- Develops self-awareness and inner authority

- Frees self-expression and authentic body consciousness

All sessions are compassionate, non-violent and non-intrusive.

To enquire further, you are welcome to contact me at kesley.cage@gmail.ccom.

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Deep gratitude for my services goes to my ancestors, parents, teachers, mentors, friends, colleagues and clients whom I learn and receive so much from every day.

This is a generosity-based business operating in the 'Gift Economy'. Services are freely-given. 

Donations are welcome to sustain my living via PayPal. A percentage of profit is paid to several humanitarian and nature charities.

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