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All honour and gratitude for my services go to my ancestors, parents, family, teachers, friends, colleagues and clients whom I learn from every day

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I design custom ceremonies to honour the continuation of life, and the changes, endings, new beginnings and transformations you may be experiencing.

Usually, we will have worked together for 3 or 4 consultations (minimum) in order to really understand your wishes in accordance with some of the depth and meaning of your personal situation and life path. I will work alongside you to craft a ritual and lead a service that both inspires and honours important and sacred passages in your life.

These ceremonies are suitable within or outside the conditions of religious practices, and the whole of you and your community may be included. You may choose to work in spirit with your ancestors, spiritual leaders or teachers, and you may or may not wish to invite witnesses.

Consultations are £50 per 45-minute session, and the service is £125 + additional costs such as travel, food, accommodation, venue hire and decorations. Please enquire now if you are interested in a 15-minute chat without obligation. I provide an inter-spiritual, Humanist, inclusive approach with a sincere and respectful curiosity for your path and life experiences.