Life Coaching through Zoom

What can coaching help you with?

Perhaps you're feeling a little burnt out, run-down, or lonely. Maybe you know you have a creative spark in you, and potential to do wonderful things, but you just lack the motivation, self-belief or confidence. Maybe communication hasn't been going well for you recently, or you need someone to talk with simply to help you to grow.

You can awaken your imagination...

As a coach, it's my mission to help you see your own worth, rise up with greater vitality, nourish your relationships and live life the way you want to. I invite you to heal, succeed and self-nourish.

When it comes to your greater happiness, we are in this together. Whether you arrive with laughter, tears, rage or "hallelujahs!" you'll be glad that no matter what happens, I will hold you accountable for your innermost goals and well-being.

Are you wondering what coaching can give you?

~ A creative space to recover, grow and uplift your well-being

~ Greater ability to live 'in synch' or 'in the flow' with life

~ Increased self-acceptance, happiness and calm
~ More vibrant and fulfilling relationships

Ongoing sessions are 50 minutes per week/fortnight, with 6-weekly reviews.

I operate a sliding scale for all my fees.

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