Nature is life!

'Earth Healing Arts' illuminates connections between human beings and the wider, natural world. Why? In order to heal the unconscious split that harms humans and other kinds of beings - including forests, mountains, oceans and skies.

Ecological devastation is a concept that doesn't even touch the unimaginable proportions of destruction ongoing on our planet right now. Humanity has evolved into a somewhat beautiful, technologically savvy civilization and now is the time to turn our attention toward what cost this has been for us and nature. We have cut ourselves off from the pains as well as pleasures of nature.

Many indigenous societies still live in a nature-connected way, with different value systems to much of the Western world. Europeans evolved in a challenging climate and we struggled to refine agriculture and technology and did well at surviving until now. Yet, we have also destroyed natural habitats, wildlife, mighty trees, clean rivers and fresh air - not just for other forms of life, now becoming extinct. As a healer, facilitator & coach, I invite you to explore what it is like to rediscover belonging to the land, and the web of life and restore balance to yourself and the ecosystem, in the most loving way possible.

The fields of ecology scientifically verify the 'interbeing' of all life on Earth. We cannot exist without reserves of freshwater from ancient rainfall, or without plants that grow in humus-rich soil. We cannot live without the ozone layer protecting the Earth from the Sun's most damaging electromagnetic rays. Yet all of this is being damaged by industrial practices that are unecological and arguably criminal.


Perhaps the most critical concern of all is the amount of carbon being added to the atmosphere from fossil fuel emissions combined with deforestation (trees breathe in carbon and breathe out oxygen). The Earth is in crisis. 

There are many tools available for us to transition to a more ecological society. There is hope. 

I facilitate experiences to reconnect and heal in unity with nature. When we love nature again, truly and deeply, we can be inspired to create change in our own lives and influence others. This creates a ripple effect. It begins with thoughts, speech and action, and these ideas, conversations and behaviours spread throughout the world. This is what is meant by 'going viral' and together we can create and participate in global phenomena for change. 

Please join me for workshop-experiences of reconnecting with nature. Everyone is welcome - scientists, teachers, artists, community leaders, city workers and all types of people. Together we will learn how appreciation and gratitude are the ground-work of human and ecological well-being. We will have the chance to honour the pain and trauma of what is happening in the world, and together we will develop insights to empower wise action in the ways that we live and engage with life.


'Earth Healing Arts' is informed by Joanna Macy's 'Work That Reconnects', Mindfulness in the Way of Thich Nhat Hanh, Eco-Art Therapy founded by Theresa Sweeney and Permaculture Design as taught by the Brighton Permaculture Trust and Heather Jo Flores and many other sources. Based in Wells, Somerset, workshops and retreats also take place in the UK and Europe-wide.


To participate in this multidisciplinary pathway, please email me.

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