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All honour and gratitude for my services go to my ancestors, parents, family, teachers, friends, colleagues and clients whom I learn from every day

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Life Coaching 

Unfurl Your Splendour

I believe that personal spirituality and wisdom is innate in all human beings. I support individuals to develop their own meaningful path of spirituality based on their authentic values and core beliefs. We may meet in a private room, walk in the countryside, or connect online via video calls. The spiritual relationship with each of my clients is unique and universally based on an attitude of non-judgement, loving-kindness and compassion. 

Spiritual life coaching takes place within a long-term relationship between coach and client, meeting as souls on a journey. You may be interested in beginning work together if you have received an inner calling to explore your deeper self. This 'call' may come in forms such as longing to change your life at present, knowing the necessity to heal from your past, or the aspiration to actualise your potential for the future. As a coach, I walk alongside you to accompany and witness your journey and provide empathy and encouragement as you deepen your personal faith and cultivate inner spiritual resources. 


Each coaching session is an opportunity to 'simply be' and experience what arises in your heart. There may be challenges and difficulties in your life. There may be parts of you that you wish to grow or heal. You may simply wish to see what emerges for you with stillness and embodied presence. Together we may build a genuine relationship that honours who you really are so that your heart can heal and your life can change and transform.

I can work with you if you are in the initial period of spiritually awakening, are undergoing life changes or transition, or if you are seeking soulful nourishment and self awareness. I am not a psychiatrist although if you have a critical mental health condition, spirituality can be a valid part of your healing and it is possible that coaching can complement your healthcare with informed consent.

  • Appointments are 1 hour or longer by arrangement

  • Weekly or fortnightly in frequency

  • Morning, afternoon and evening slots are available

  • £50 per hour (day time), £60 per hour (evening)

For enquiries and bookings, please reach out via email.