Statement of Professional Practice

My professional title is 'wholehearted living coach' and my practice is to be compassionate, therapeutic and heart-based; I 'walk alongside' my clients on their journeys to their greater well-being. I provide deep listening, healing support and advice and guidance; sessions are soul-centric and mutually lead. My work is complementary to and not necessarily a replacement for orthodox medical care, and I uphold personal responsibility for all my clients to seek the support of a general practitioner or another health practitioner where needed. My role is to accompany my clients 'wherever you are at' and provide encouragement and support to softly embrace change and nourish possibilities for personal growth. All our work is held confidentially and under professional supervision. You can view my privacy policy here.


My practice is enriched by the merits of many compassionate teachers to whom I give gratitude and express thanks.

My working code of conduct is deeply rooted within my daily spiritual practice:

1. Reverence for Life

I am committed to cultivating insight into your way of being with compassion, openness, non-discrimination and non-attachment to views. I am determined to protect you from harm. I respect diversity and am sensitive to the effects of cumulative relational traumas and minority stress on LGBTQIA+, BAME/BIPOC folk, minorities, women, children and male survivors of abuse. I respect my client's need for self-defined identity, values and beliefs.

2. True Happiness

Aware of the suffering caused by exploitation, social injustice, and oppression, I am committed to facilitating the conditions for you to reduce and transform suffering and dwell happily in the present moment.

3. Wholehearted Awareness

Core to my coaching approach is wholehearted awareness meaning that my work is to consciously generate loving-kindness, compassion, joy and inclusivity to support your greater happiness. I am committed to ensuring the safety and integrity of individuals, relationships, families and society. I will protect children and adults from sexual abuse. I will continue to support you for as long as mutually agreed, whether that is ongoing or for a set period of time.

4. Authentic Communication

I am committed to practising truthful and loving speech with deep and compassionate listening in order to inspire confidence, joy and hope and relieve suffering among people, organisations, ethnic and religious groups and nations. I will practice coaching in such a way that can nourish understanding, love, joy and inclusiveness and help you to transform suffering and see the way out of difficult situations. 

5. Nourishment and Healing

I am committed to supporting you to cultivate good health, and preserve peace, joy and well-being, by being in touch with the healing and refreshing elements within you and around you. I will support you to be free from the symptoms of adverse experiences of the past. I will coach you to improve your emotional intelligence and spiritual agility based in compassionate acceptance of your feeling-states and heart-awareness and I may at times provide psychoeducation.

I have recently received been invited to support the Coaches & Healers Alliance for Ethics & Trauma-Informed Practice. Watch this space for updates on how this new alliance evolves to raise the standards the coaching profession.


I am an experienced practitioner with over ten years of experience of working with clients in the healing fields. I have studied extensively with numerous academic and professional institutions up to now to provide a high level of support for all my clients.


Some of my training has included L4 Cert. Integrative Counselling, University of Suffolk / L3 Dip. Spiritual Life Coaching Centre of Excellence / UTPTP Grad. Sexology, London /  L3 Dip. Holistic Therapy, City Literary Institute, London / L2 Cert. Life Coaching, The Coaching Academy, London / L2 Cert. Person-Centred Counselling / L2 Cert. Holistic Therapy, Lichfield College, and numerous CPD certificates and depth learning experiences.


I am a life-long student and pursue continuing professional development, grounded in practice-based research, theoretical understanding, and evolving self-awareness. Modalities I work with include: transpersonal psychology, therapeutic use of arts, and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, bodywork and many more. I have constantly been on at least one training programme a year for the last ten years. I have a zest for learning and staying up-to-date with cutting edge research with informs my client work.

I am currently on advanced training in Psycho-Spiritual Counselling at the Sweet Track Centre, in Glastonbury, and pursuing a trauma-informed clinical specialism with Trauma Institute International. I work with individuals and groups in the epi-centres of life crises, and also those in recovery, and people who are seeking accompaniment, mentoring and support for personal growth. I may provide referrals to other practitioners/community support where needed.

Some of the organisations I celebrate belonging to and sharing support with are the International Association of Coaches, Mentors and Therapists, Ecopsychology UK, the Federation of Holistic Therapists, the HeartMath Institute, the Tarot Association of the British Isles, and the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists, and the Plum Village Mindfulness Tradition.

Spiritual Friend of the Heart

~ name given to me my spiritual practice tradition

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