Frequently Asked Questions

What is integrative therapy?

Integrative therapy is a therapy that integrates more than one modality with a sound evidence-based theoretical basis.

I focus on developing a compassionate, safe and soulful relationship between therapist and client as the ground for healing and transformation.

In a therapy session, you will have the opportunity to focus on anything that you feel you need support with, such as life, health or wellbeing issues, and together we'll collaborate so you can leave feeling empowered and resourceful.

How frequently are sessions?

Appointments may be made at a frequency to suit you. Most people find one session a week helpful. This is something we can discuss.

How long will therapy last?

There are no fixed amount of sessions recommended for therapy,  and you can leave at any time. Some individuals find that a few sessions are sufficient to make headway on an issue, and others choose to make use of therapy for more than 20 sessions (long-term).

How can I pay?

Payment is accepted by balance transfer within 24-hours of each session.

What if I can't afford your fee?

Unfortunately, I cannot offer discounts, however, it's still worthwhile getting in touch for a brief chat as we may be able to adapt a therapy plan to suit your means, or I may be able to signpost to suitable resources.

Do you work with young people?

Yes, I work with people of all ages whom I believe I can help, otherwise, I may offer a referral.