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Gender, Sexuality & Relationship Diversity Therapy

Perhaps you're looking to explore your anxiety with someone who will also deeply respect important aspects of your personal identity, differences and/or relationship style?

I offer an inclusive, accepting and nonjudgmental space. Issues that you might wish to discuss in therapy could be:

  • Feeling unsupported or misunderstood at home or in the community or workplace

  • Beginning, changing or ending intimate relationships

  • Difficulties coping with strong emotions such as guilt, shame and anger

  • Issues from the recent past or your childhood that may be affecting you today 

  • Feeling like an outsider or like you don't belong

  • Exploring your spirituality, sexuality, identity, or beliefs 

  • Overcoming adverse life experiences

  • Any form of addiction or substance-related issues

  • Thinking about your future and how you can get to where you want to be in life

Gender, sex and relationship diverse people from the UK and online from around the world are welcome in my practice. I am respectful of different cultures and ways of life, and draw on an integrative theoretical basis, and also my own lived experiences to offer pluralistic therapy that is informed with an in-depth understanding of gender, sex and relationship diversity (GSRD).

My training and experience includes working with LGBTQIA+ people, sex workers, people in open, polyamorous or monogamous relationships, people who consider themselves to have sexual kinks, or for whom sexuality is a painful subject, and people overcoming discriminatory social profiling, shame, stigma, and persecution. You can feel safe and comfortable to talk with me.

I offer counselling from a non-oppressive stance to assist you to explore possibilities and solutions surrounding your personal life/relationship issues that feel right to you. I can therapeutically accompany you as you discover a deeper sense of self worth and proceed in your life whatever way feels most authentic to you. We may meet for upto 6 sessions or longer, online or in person. £60 per hour.

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“It was such a relief to talk with you, you understood me, and we connected right away. I didn't feel judged or pathologised for my sexuality the way that I did before. I felt I could talk about what was really important to me, and I feel much happier having explored my issues."

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