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All honour and gratitude for my services go to my ancestors, parents, family, teachers, friends, colleagues and clients whom I learn from every day

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A Tarot Session is a friendly heart-centred conversation with intuitive reflections on the cards. The sessions are collaborative and mutual and may include open questions and compassionate listening, as well as some encouragement and suggestions to help you on your path.

Tarot cards are what the fortunetellers of yore used to interpret the energies of the cosmos in the sitters' life.


Some speculate that Ancient High Priests and Wise Ones stored their insights into the images of the cards to pass on to future generations. 


No one really knows the long history of the Tarot, yet what we do know is that the cards seem to show images of spiritual archetypes, which can be useful to reflect on if you are seeking to align yourself with change.

Tarot Reading may support some of the deep insight work that you may be doing on yourself, but it won't fix your life. I do this work as a consultancy for people who simply need some understanding and affirmation, and because I am asked.


I started reading for friends who recommended their friends and then they recommended their friends, and so I started charging because it's a lot of work. I very much enjoy meeting and working with new people, and many clients who have consulted me for Tarot have come back for other work.

Together with the cards, you and I may sit, drink and talk about life. We may create an intention early on in the reading to focus on one particular area of your life, and we can explore other aspects too where needed.

Sessions are available in-person and online via Zoom

Benefits of a Tarot session:

- Greater clarity on life purpose

- Career planning

- Improving relationships

- Taking care of suffering

- Preparing for emotional healing

~ It's always a good time for a cuppa

- Relaxation and connection

Open daily

Online & in Glastonbury

15 minutes: by donation

30 minutes: £25

1 hour: £50

Terms & conditions apply.

Please enquire via email