Kesley Cage

I go by 'Kesley' or just, 'Kes'

I humbly admit I am not an expert on anything, not even myself, however, I am constantly learning to be increasingly self-aware. Through learning "what's mine" and "what's other people's" in terms of emotional phenomena, I've learnt to use my sensitivity and empathy to really be here for and accompany my clients in ways that facilitate safety and therapeutic change.


What I do

I'm an intensively trained and experienced therapist.

I facilitate individuals to heal painful thoughts, emotions and psychological processes and reconnect with their core selves. I assist all my clients to achieve good therapeutic outcomes, such as increased calm, happiness and self-worth and improved relationships.​

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Who I work with

My clients are gender, sex and relationship diverse. Some of my clients have clinical diagnoses with mental health conditions. Everyone is welcome.


Transpersonal Coaches and Therapy Network

I contribute to the ongoing development of transpersonal psychology and consciousness studies through clinical psycho-education and community-based learning.