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Outdoor Counselling

Find peace of mind with psychological therapy in the natural elements, woods and landscapes of Wells, Somerset.

What to expect:

  • An opportunity to talk about anything you wish, without being judged or labelled, so you can feel safe enough to explore your deepest thoughts and feelings

  • Be accompanied by a trained, research-informed integrative counsellor there to listen deeply and compassionately and make wholehearted efforts to understand you and support you to find a way out of suffering and better wellbeing

  • Find some calm and ease surrounding personal issues

  • Chance to release stress and reconnect with your inner self and the wild beauty of nature

  • Get in touch with a sense of intuitition and navigate your life according to your own inner compass

  • Understand your own mind and learn skills to transform anxious distress and live a happier life

  • Welcome and embrace all parts of you for healing and transformation

You may love to step outside the four walls of a building, and meet in a neutral, nature spot in Wells for your therapy. Outdoor counselling can have a calming effect on the nervous system, and be restorative to your mental and physical health and bring positive emotions. 

If your head is feeling full or your thoughts and emotions blocked, then stepping out for some fresh air and letting your mind settle and reconnect with the wonders of who you are, nature, and good, therapeutic accompaniment might be just what you need. 

As a therapist, I am interested in respecting where you are now, and coaxing out your inner wisdom and true sense of self. I have an armful of therapeutic tools to share, but am most interested in assisting you to make your own choices about how you want to handle your life and respond to your circumstances and get to where you want to be.

We can also work with Nature as a co-therapist - whether that be the arrival of a wild animal, a weather event that's a good metaphor for what's inside you, or something mysterious and unexpected. Feel free to invite your dog too; this therapy is a place where you can feel comfortable, relax, ground and be yourself.

(Weather appropriate gear/ sun protection/ warm flask of tea / hot water bottle recommended.) 

Weekly or fortnightly sessions

  • £60 for 60 minutes for upto 6 sessions, or open-ended.

  • Session lengths and rates may be adjusted if needed and practical.

  • For evenings (summertime only) and weekends (year round), there is a £30 surcharge.

Outdoor Counselling: Text

How to be calm

I send purposeful communication to everyone who subscribes to help you to find meaningful ways to be free from anxiety, and live a calmer, happier life. (I do not share your email address with third parties.)

Outdoor Counselling: Text
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