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Inner Earth Alchemy

27th September 2020 & 25th October 2020

Eco grief and empowerment work for activists, leaders and aspiring change makers. A workshop held in the timeless spiritual landscape of Avalon, based in ecopsychology and Buddhist wisdom.


Sacred Nature Connection

31st October, 2020

A group workshop to develop mindfulness and healing insight into the present conditions of ourselves and to strengthen our relationship with Nature.

Eco-Art Mini Retreat Day

1st December 2020

Creative exercises that quiet the mind and let Nature teach. For artists, therapists, and creative souls.

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Deep gratitude for my services goes to my ancestors, parents, teachers, mentors, friends, colleagues and clients whom I learn and receive so much from every day.

This is a generosity-based business operating in the 'Gift Economy'. Services are freely-given. 

Donations are welcome to sustain my living via PayPal. A percentage of profit is paid to several humanitarian and nature charities.

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