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Online Therapy

If you're looking for online therapy, then you may be interested in working with me. I practise in a way that is informed by existential psychotherapy and transpersonal psychology - useful for healing anxiety and stress rooted in current life/relationship issues, past trauma, unresolved needs, bereavement and/or unfullfilled potential. 

There is suffering.

There is a way to suffering.

There is wellbeing.

There is a way to wellbeing.

- Four Noble Truths

Transpersonal psychology is an emerging field in counselling that explores your relationship with the mystery of being human, as the centre of healing work. Existential psychotherapy can assist you to explore your identity, beliefs and how you create meaning from your experiences. A connecting thread in this combined therapy is mindfulness and 'parts work'.

Mindfulness can support you to focus and take care of anxiety, depression and past trauma, and deepen your understanding that these aspects of you are parts of a greater whole, and not separate from happiness and well-being. Buddhist philosophy informs us that to understand suffering is to stop unnecessary 'suffering about suffering' and find a way into a deeper sense of your true nature.

I integrate my approach in a pluralistic way, which means that I work with you to create a mutual relationship so we can collaborate together as you explore your issues and find solutions to meet your needs. I may offer therapeutic interventions informed by my training, research and experience working to assist you to take care of your mind and feelings. You can lead the course of your therapy to explore your issues, and I will support you to process emotions, behaviour and cognition, mind-body connection, sociocultural/erotic/vital aspects of your identity and spirituality or worldview relating to present concerns such as life changes, trauma, and/or loss.

Sessions are by video-call. All you need is a microphone and web camera, and a safe and private space to talk. You can choose from either short-term or open-ended therapy. The cost is £60 for up to 60 minutes. For evenings and weekends, there is a £30 surcharge. You're welcome to get in touch whether you are in the United Kingdom or overseas. 

Online Therapy: Text

How to be well

I send purposeful communication to everyone who subscribes to help you to find meaningful ways to be free from anxiety, and live a happier life. (I do not share your email address with third parties.)

Online Therapy: Text
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