Would you like to become more conscious in your relationships?

Do you sense that you need to be more 'in your body', and less 'in your head'?

This in-person, trauma-informed Self-work celebrates the resources available for strengthening embodied resilience in tough times:

  • 'Walk & Talk' coaching sessions outdoors in the wild elements and outstanding beauty of the Somerset/Mendip landscapes; you'll be able to breathe in the fresh air and really enjoy 'nature connection' as you journey inwardly and outwardly, healing your relationship with life.

  • You can also receive the same spiritually intimate, heart-based coaching indoors at my Glastonbury-based clinic, or online.

  • Safely held complementary trauma healing/stress-reduction therapies: mindfulness, meditation and body/energy work

  • Creative arts to support self-awareness, alleviate suffering and turn towards well-being

When is the right time to start?

If you've been feeling down, disconnected, or in need of a space to generate insight lately then this work may help you.  People usually choose to work with me because they feel disempowered, marginalised, isolated or stuck in some part of their life.  

Clients find they are able to overcome stresses and strains of relationships and find greater 'inner space' and freedom.

Short-term (6-weeks) and long-term (12-weeks+) coaching is available.

2020 update: safe options are available to you in the time of the pandemic.

You can dream big...

Each session is respectful, nurturing and all-embracing of every aspect of you. You may be supported to find a way out out of the terrains of fear, shame and angst to arrive in greater joy in your heart/body/soul/spirit. You may build on your reserves of inner strength, assertiveness, and self-compassion, and experience inner trust, so you can dare to be free, and dwell in the present moment. 

You are invited to drop your worries, and step into your opportunity to shine, and live wholeheartedly.

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