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Being a Parent to Yourself

Within the body dwells, sleeps, and sometimes awakens the inner child.

The body contains all unconscious memories of childhood, and it experiences all the needs of a child e.g. food/affection/physical safety.

The body requires love and nurturance as one would support a child.

In times of trouble, soft fabrics, sweet music/humming, calming colours can all create an environment that is a refuge for the body. Compassionate self-touch, gentle and digestible, nutritious meals are all helpful, as are positive words as affirmations. "Hello, my body, I am here for you."

Nervous convulsions, twitching muscles, unhealed emotions that seem to spring up from nowhere, such as feelings of anger, loneliness or worthlessness, are all part of the experience for many childen, and many bodies.

Simply allow for the emotions to be there in your body, and gently, guide your attention into relaxing yourself.

Be present with the bodily feelings and expand your awareness to self-kindness and comfort also. Don't get stuck on the feelings or be critical of the body, which is hurting. Just like tides, moods and feelings will ebb and flow. Your body, like a child, only needs your love.

If you have difficulty connecting to happiness inside you, please remember impermanence; no feeling lasts, and all shall pass.

Be firm only when necessary, otherwise be soft. Let your body play, relax and go wild when it needs to. Don't be overly strict.

Sometimes your body may be overwhelmed and struggle to relax. Don't get mad at yourself. Allow your body to 'fail' at relaxing. You could say,"my dear body, this stress is all part of my healing journey and suffering is simply a part of life."

Give your body naps and walks. Your body is healing and growing new cells all the time. Let your body show you the way to joy and ease. Within your body is more than just your pain, there is also freedom, lightness and fun.

Offering yourself love is the best way to help your body. You don't always have to be a parent to your body, sometimes your body will guide you and teach you, if only you will listen.

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