Mindful shopping, mindful eating

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Unless you find all or most of your food through foraging or growing your own, you probably need to embrace shopping regularly...

For many people, shopping may feel like a chore. Even eating may feel like a chore. This is because your appetite for life may be dampened by stress.

It doesn't have to be that way. Your life is as beautiful and as zesty as you choose! All it requires is an open mind and some relaxation as you go.

First, check-in with yourself:

Do you desire a quality of life that is rushed and distracted?

Or, do you want to enjoy every moment and be nourished?

I suggest you might benefit from these three tips to enhance your relationship with food.

1. Choose a place to shop that you feel comfortable in.

Perhaps a vibrant outdoor market if you have one near you; you may find fresher, cheaper and high-quality produce there. You can enjoy the sights, smells and fresh air. Otherwise, perhaps you know a shop that has a good, friendly atmosphere. It can be a grounding ritual to go at the same time(s) each week. Similarly eating at the same time and in the same place in your home, beautifully laid out, is healing for your body's digestion.

2. As you choose your food also focus your attention on its story.

Imagine, how did it come to be before you? What is its true cost - are animals, people or eco-systems likely to have been respected or harmed? What quality of life is in the food? Be curious. Food is a story of culture, of meaning, of wonder and it continues through you. True nourishment can be there when you shop, and all the way through preparing the food, not just when the morsels enter your lips.

3. Artfully select the food that brings you health and joy; feel into your gut.

When you tune into the food - do you feel tense, does your breathing become shallow, or do you feel your body relax, soften and open? This is your body's way of telling you what is suitable to eat at this time. You can learn to 'tune in' even before you buy the food - simply take your time, be present and listen to your body. As you cook and eat the food, keep all your senses engaged - really enjoy and savour the experience of life.

When we know our food has arrived on our plate in a beautiful way, then we feel happy and grateful when we eat it. It isn't just something we unwrap and stuff down because we have a relationship with it, we understand it, we are conscious of what its meaning and value is. It heals us. We do not have out of control spending or eating because we contemplate every meal, recognising that it is a precious gift from the cosmos.

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" - Hippocrates

A few extra thoughts - don't be overly influenced by government recommendations and other people's opinions. We are all unique and varying foods are needed for each of us at different times; trust your experience and relationship with foods and how they make you feel. I personally experience a wholefood plant-based diet, with a wide variety of mostly cooked vegetables, is the healthiest option for me and I find pre-processed foods and animal products are energy-depleting. Others are convinced that raw foods/highly constrained diets/supplements are right for them. We each have different health conditions; it's your path to discover what is right for you. Listen to your body's wisdom.

Further reading:

How to Eat by Thich Nhat Hanh

The Yoga of Eating by Charles Eisenstein

The Quantum Doctor by Amit Goswami

Orgasmic Health by Annie Day

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