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Relaxation is the Ground for Healing

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

To heal from trauma and live a good life, relaxation is necessary. Relaxation gives us the optimal energy and well-being that we need to function with the ventral vagus system, which is the major, largest and central branch of our highly-evolved nervous systems as human beings. It only gets damaged or defaults to another of the lower branches because of traumatic stress from a perceived threat. The ventral vagal state gives us a feeling of being safe, relaxed, curious and at ease, and generates restorative emotions such as calm, compassion and joy.

An energised, relaxed muscle body is state that everyone needs to get to in order to be free of traumatic stress. Relaxation allows our nervous system to stop burning out from trying to be in constant control in order to survive. To a person with trauma, high background stress and struggle to survive day by day may feel normal. Strong emotional distress may not even seem out of the ordinary, and may just seem like personality or life view.

Many people are not aware of how their body feels because they have unconsciously suppressed their feelings, too painful to consciously process without the right tools. Relaxation allows us to enter into the parasympathetic ventral vagal nervous system's somatic processes of rest, heal and digest/energise/nourish. Softening the holding in the muscles, slowing and deepening the breath and calming oneself, maintaining good posture, self-soothing touch and compassionate thoughts help to generate relaxation.

Take a moment now to experience some toning of the ventral vagal system; enjoy some calming breaths and offer a warmhearted, relaxing smile to your inner self. Whatever you are feeling, nothing is more important than your calm and happiness. Smile to all of it. Breathe, and smile. Practising this way, will relax you and repattern your mind from stress to harmony.

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