The Insight Elixir: An Inner Guidance Technique with the Tarot, Kabbalah & Psychology

Updated: Mar 26

There is so much wisdom available to us in the world and within our own Souls. I'm grateful to have a basic enough understanding of Kabbalah, to create this little Tarot spread that may empower self-awareness and spiritual progress. I draw also on Eugene Gendlin's empathic process of 'Focusing' (1981). I'd like to share this integrative technique with you.

Prepare your sacred space. Image: Anne Spratt of Unsplash.

The spread is based on some of the different aspects of the Soul in relationship with your present situation. To begin, you may wish to ask a question relating to career or relationship guidance, handling a difficult mood/passage, or navigating through life changes. Write the question down, sit in stillness and silence or your preferred approach to reading, then shuffle and draw the cards. You can draw 5 Tarot cards to interpret the current energies of the 5 soul parts as in Kabbalah.

Card 1

Nephesh - instinct: what's urging you on?

This card may reveal the natural instinct that is at the root of your enquiry.

Card 2

Ruach - emotion

What do you feel about the situation present in your enquiry?

This card may resonate with the conscious emotional energy of your reading.

Card 3

Neshamah - awareness

What is the deeper guiding feeling underneath the original feeling, at the edge of your awareness?

This card may bring new, unconscious information into the light of your awareness.

Card 4

Chayah - a part of All

How does honouring this feeling change how you see yourself?

This card may offer the opportunity to reflect and integrate the missing piece of the puzzle that was revealed to you in the previous card.

Card 5

Yechidah - the essence that is one with All

How may you go forth and embody this deeper insight in your life?

This card may show the essence of your potential, and the seed of your becoming in relationship with the universe.

Lay the cards out as you please. Look into them one by one, and in relation to one another. Reflect lightly on them and trust the psychic images and felt senses that you receive. See where your enquiry takes you, connect the dots and weave your golden thread of healing in your journal or talk with a friend/coach/mentor. Put your insights into action!

I hope this Tarot-spread empowers you, if you enjoyed this blog, please join my mailing list for new announcements.

With unending gratitude,

Kesley xx


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Image: Three of Bows from the WildWood Tarot by Mark Ryan, John Matthews & Will Worthington (2011)

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