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All honour and gratitude for my services go to my ancestors, parents, family, teachers, friends, colleagues and clients whom I learn from every day

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Privacy Statement

I am dedicated to safeguarding the personal information under my care and in developing a data protection regime that is effective, fit for purpose and demonstrates an understanding of, and appreciation for the GDPR Regulation and good practitioner ethics.

  • Your clinical notes are held safely within files, limited to access by me only. Any specific files containing your personal details are password protected implementing a two-step authentication process.

  • I undergo clinical supervision for all my work and your identity will remain anonymous and protected in a confidentiality agreement between my supervisor and me.

  • I will always protect your confidentiality and would only break confidentiality with your full knowledge, only in the case that there was a risk of harm to you or another.

  • Emails remain confidential.

  • I only use software where data security is fully implemented and where their adherence to GDPR compliance is confirmed in their Terms and Conditions. In particular, I use Zoom for online coaching sessions: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/360000126326-Official-Statement-EU-GDPR-Compliance

  • Cookies: This website stores cookies, which are used to analyse and improve user experience. Basic anonymous user details may be shared with website analytics partners to improve website function and effectiveness.

  • MarketingYour details will not be sold to any external companies. Any email subscriptions and analytics data I collect will be used sensitively to ensure that you are up-to-date with my services, and you can opt-out at any time.

  • If you would like to request deletion or the removal of any of your data from my control, partially or entirely, I will be happy to comply, providing that there is no adverse reason (such as a legal reason) preventing me from doing so.