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Preparing to book

Please take some time to reflect on your goals and agree on what outcomes you would like to come to together.

How it works

Initially, I will offer you a one hour consultation. You will be supported to focus on a particular issue that you both would like to resolve together, held within a safe, respectful and non-judgemental therapeutic session.

We will then follow a diamond protocol - providing you each with one-to-one sessions, followed by a session with all of us together, and we will repeat this pattern until our work is complete. My role is to support you to understand your needs and coach you to communicate, help yourselves and support one another effectively.

The fee is £60 per one-hour session for individuals, plus £15 for each extra person. So for two people attending a session and splitting the cost it would be £37.50 each. Please note: sessions are usually Mon-Fri 9-5. There is a £30 premium surcharge for evenings and weekends.

Relationship coaching sessions in Somerset, UK (and online) for transforming communication.

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