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Mindful Relationships

Genuine, Secure, Wholehearted

Relationship Coaching: Welcome

Coaching could help you to resolve relationship dilemmas and improve communication.

I practise in a non-judgemental and inclusive way, sensitive to a broad diversity of people in many different types of personal and/or professional relationships. I offer therapeutic education, facilitation and space to explore connecting in ways that will help to prevent misunderstandings and resolve inevitable difficulties that may arise in human-to-human relationships.

Whether it's better communication, reconciliation or a new start (together or apart) that you're seeking, my aim is to help you to resolve unnecessary suffering effectively. The methods that I use for relationship work can be learnt and practised in your daily lives. I will coach you to: "practise, practise, practise" when it comes to implementing the tools that I offer, which may seem challenging at first. 

Modalities that I integrate into coaching sessions include: mindfulness, systemic thinking, attachment-based trauma information, communication methods, co-regulation and connection techniques, language-based tools, inner psychological parts work, transactional analysis, and further research-based practices.

Relationship Coaching sessions based in Wells (or online via Whereby) may last one or more hours. More information is available on the next page.

Relationship Coaching: Text

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Relationship Coaching: Text
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