One-to-one sessions can help you to identify the causes of your anxiety in your thinking patterns and mental processes, and empower you to meet your needs and aspire toward your goals.

With a compassionate heart, I welcome all parts of you into a genuine, nurturing dialogue through which you can talk about your anxious concerns, and together we'll form a therapy plan. I will support you to take action-oriented steps that will help you to live life beyond anxiety.

Most people experience positive results in 1 - 3 sessions. It is possible to choose short or long-term therapy (more than 20 sessions) for ongoing support.

You may need to arrange time out of your usual work/life/family schedule to attend and keep your appointment slot. Video therapy, and in-person therapy is held on weekdays between 9 am and 5 pm (UK time). 


"My mind was like a dirty rag, and through talking to you, it now has been washed clean"

"How I relate to myself has improved a lot, I'm no longer as bothered by the worrying thoughts as I used to be"

"I feel less anxious that there will be a disaster, because I know I can handle it now, even if things go wrong"

"I feel renewed"

"I am now able to think more positively"

"Thanks to your help I found happiness in a hard place"

"I'm very happy with the service you provided. I'm satisfied, 100% recommendable, a lovely person and very dedicated to your work congratulations!!"

"Kesley is warm, gentle and thoughtful. His calm demeanour can help you through what's blocking you from achieving your goals. I definitely recommend working with him!"

I welcome enquiries, and if I cannot help you, I may be able to refer you to someone who can.