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Trauma-Sensitive Massage

A deep relaxation massage experience, supporting you to reconnect safely with your body

This specialised trauma-sensitive treatment has been created with people in mind who have experienced adverse conditions for psychological and physical health on their life journeys. It is suitable for those who may find it difficult to trust and feel safe in their bodies. If you suffer regularly with strong emotions, or feel disconnected from yourself, then this may be for you.

About a fifth of my clients are HSP's* (highly-sensitive people, with sensory processing sensitivity) who may also have experienced trauma during childhood or any life stages. Whether or not sensitivity is a personal trait that you have, trauma can affect anyone.

Trauma-sensitive massage has been developed to assist your body and mind to heal after painful past life events that leave imprints and distortions in the body's self-regulating system. This is an embodied therapy that works silently, you do not have to talk, unless you want to.

The massage is provided in psychotherapeutic conditions giving you the time, space, safety and support needed to gently come into contact with your inner mind, body and feelings. This massage works on a neurological level to restore the subtle, felt-sense relationship that you need with yourself to process healing and transformation.  Therapeutic guidance will be available, to support a deep and overall enjoyable, restorative healing experience.

During an initial assessment, we can acertain, which areas of your body would be best for you to receive massage. These may be tense, numb or achey places, access through your clothes, or your full body with oils applied. Compassionate touch has a profound effect on health and wellbeing. I will perform the massage in a way that assists you to calm and relax. You will be able to communicate with me at any time. I invite you to generate presence, care and connection with your body, and let go of stress and tension, to restore energy and wellbeing to your whole system.

The therapeutic connection that you make with your body during a massage may form a crucial aspect of your lasting health and happiness, well beyond the treatment. In future, you can return for as few or as many massages as you wish, with no pressure to continue. You are in control. My intention is to support you to leave every treatment feeling safe and connected, and in a better state of wellbeing.

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Trauma-Sensitive Massage: About Me

*Many people benefit from therapy, however HSP's are likely to benefit the most from the time and space to 'process' that therapy offers. If 'HSP' and 'highly-senstive people' are new terms to you, then you may like to find out more about the clinical research and information available online. Here's a test, which can give you an indication of whether you might be a highly-sensitive person.

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Trauma-Sensitive Massage: Text
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