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Counselling in Wells

Need someone to talk to?

Counselling may help you to:

  • Understand your feelings, patterns, and behaviours

  • Find relief from anxiety, fear and low mood

  • Honour grief and loss and find ways through difficult times

  • Connect with compassion and empathy

  • Learn coping tools and discover solutions

Who counselling is for

Counselling is for people aged 12 to 112 who may be experiencing anxiety, low mood or emotional distress. Maybe you are usually able to cope well by yourself, or have been struggling for a while. Everyone needs extra support sometimes.

How it works

You will have the opportunity explore your thoughts, improve your self-esteem and think clearly so that you can take appropriate action in your life for positive change.

Counselling could help you

I have helped people with many different kinds of life experiences, to find inner calm and greater peace of mind. There is also a wide body of research emprically proving the ways that I work to be effective in reducing anxiety and improving of overall mental health and wellbeing. The support that I provide will be tailored to your needs.


Sessions are held in Wells, Somerset. Many clients find they enjoy meeting outdoors in a natural setting (counselling without walls) or you can visit me at a private room in the city centre.

Starting therapy:

Typically counselling may last for about 3 - 6 sessions or longer term (upto 12 sessions or more). Sessions may last 45 minutes to 1 hour and cost £60. There is a £30 surcharge for evenings and weekends.

My core approach is pluralistic and informed by Mindfulness and Parts Work. I also sometimes use techniques such as Sand Trays, Narrative Timelines, Therapeutic Art, Rewind Therapy and Havening.

Counselling in Wells: Text

How to be happier

I send purposeful communication to everyone who subscribes to help you to find meaningful ways to be free from anxiety, and live a happier life. (I do not share your email address with third parties.)

Counselling in Wells: Text
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