Therapy in Nature

Outdoor counselling is suitable to explore anything that you need some extra support with, such as: anxiety, low mood, personal development, trauma, loss, identity, spirituality, sexuality, family, career, work, study and relationship issues. My private practice is accredited by the National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society.

Many people find therapy in nature restores a sense of perspective, and uplifts mood and wellbeing.

Some reasons that I've heard in regards to choosing outdoor therapy are based on appreciation for nature, or feeling refreshed after feeling cooped up indoors, or being more comfortable and relaxed in natural places, outside of sterile settings. Outdoor counselling offers a neutral space to meet together in the more-than-human world.

In outdoor counselling and 'walk and talk' sessions, it is possible to experience yourself and your inner world in connection with nature, and reflect on life itself. With therapy outdoors, the therapeutic relationship that you build with nature, lasts far beyond our counselling work together. There's potential for a greater sense of reciprocity that comes through working therapeutically with nature, because nature is not just a resource, it's something to be in relationship with, and to give back to.

I offer outdoor therapy sessions in the South Downs National Park, near Brighton, accessible via public transport and with free parking.

Therapy may be short-term (8 - 20 sessions) or open-ended and longer term. My standard fee is £70 per weekly 50-minute session. If you need help with the cost of therapy, please let me know. This service is suitable for adults and young people aged over 12.