19th April 2024:

Upcoming away dates: 26th April to 9th May, 17th June to 23rd June and 1st August to 9th August

This planned time away is an ethical requirement for self-care (time to just let go and relax!) and continuing professional development (training, studies etc.). I will have limited availability to respond to communications during these times. If you are in urgent need of support, please contact friends, family or a helpline.

1st December 2023:

The sparkling frosts have arrived here in the UK, and I have been planning my winter holidays. I will be working until 23rd December, and return on 3rd January. I will then next be away from 26th January to 3rd February. Winter is traditionally a time for rest and retreat, and I hope you experience some moments of peace and calm this season.

4th September 2023:

My move to Brighton has been successful - plenty of mindful breathing meant it wasn't overly stressful. I'm delighted to be here and my online and in-person clinic is now open.

18th July 2023:

In September 2023, I will be relocating from Somerset to Sussex. This is a personal life move for me, and I'm very pleased about it. Counselling sessions will continue online, and I will also be holding in-person sessions.

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