Working Together

 This page contains key details of all the necessary arrangements required to contain the therapeutic elements of our professional relationship. It's essential that you, the client, and I, the therapist, are in total agreement in working together according to the following professional policies.  I invite you to read this information through, as the basis of your commitment to therapy.

Communication between Sessions

We will observe a professional distance and thereby minimise contact outside of sessions, unless it is to email resources and information or to be in contact regarding lateness or rescheduling. If we meet one another within community spaces, then to protect your confidentiality I will not approach you. However if you acknowledge me, I may nod or wave and say hello. It may be important to acknowledge our interaction, or lack thereof, as part of the next therapy session. If it becomes clear in a session that we are both attending the same space or event, it may be necessary to discuss how we will navigate the situation in order to minimise contact, and also to discuss the possible effects of any dual roles that may emerge.

Lateness and Cancellations

Notice of lateness is appreciated via email. If more than 15-minutes lateness occurs then the session may be terminated. At least 7 days notice of cancellation is required when possible. 

Holidays, Breaks, and Ending

If either or both of us sense that we may be approaching a break or an ending to a piece of work together then we will clearly communicate about this during a session so we can discuss how to pause or end therapy. When ending therapy, you are not obliged to attend however you are invited to bring the work to a close over one or two sessions so that we can review the work that we have completed together.


If you are feeling too unwell to attend, or have cold or flu-like symptoms or any contagious illness, and we are planning to meet face-to-face, please stay at home. Simply let me know, as soon as you think you may not be well enough to attend, so we can reschedule the appointment, at no cost. Similarly, I will let you know if I am unwell so that we can reschedule. 

Difficulties in the Therapeutic Relationship

You are responsible for communicating about how you want the therapy to be and if you require any changes or adjustments. It may be possible that there may be a misunderstanding, mistake or rupture in the therapeutic relationship and that reparation, however awkward or uncomfortable, may be an important aspect of the therapy. If you have any complaints or difficulties whatsoever please raise and discuss them with me as soon as possible. In the unlikely event that there was a serious problem in the therapeutic relationship and outside help was required, then the next step would be for us to arrange for a professional mediator.

Self-Harm and Suicide Prevention

If you disclose active self-harm or suicidal thoughts, then your therapy may include developing coping strategies and working on a safety plan. However, if you are in crisis and thinking about seriously harming yourself or taking your own life, then you must not act on those thoughts, and do not wait until our next session to get help; instead, please contact a trusted friend or family member, or phone a helpline such as NHS 111 or Samaritans 116 123, otherwise please go to your nearest A&E, or contact emergency services on 999.

Domestic Abuse

Unfortunately, many people seek counselling after domestic abuse, and if this is you, then you are welcome here at any stage of recovery. However if domestic abuse is still ongoing, which may be physical, financial, emotional or psychological abuse (including coercive control) by a partner, housemate, family member, carer, parent or child, then you may need to find a more appropriate service.  You can find specialised help and support over at this webpage held on the NHS website. 


Payment is accepted in GBP sterling (£) via balance transfer or Stripe.

Traditional weekly therapy costs £40 for up to half-hour, or £70 per 50 minutes. Flexible sessions are available ad hoc i.e. as and when, with half-hour sessions costing £45, and 50-minute sessions costing £75, or longer intensive sessions may be requested. I also reserve limited concessionary sessions, which may be negotiated by request. Rates are reviewed on a quarterly basis and are rarely raised and often stay the same in an effort to keep therapy accessible. Rates for therapeutic groups are normally at a sessional rate of £20 to £35 per person.

Thank you for choosing to work with me.