Kesley Cage

Hello, I'm Kes, and I began 'Living Wisely' with the aspiration to uplift wholeheartedness as an intentional way of life. The word 'courage' comes from the Latin word 'cor' meaning 'heart'. I invite you to lead your life courageously, with your whole heart.

I believe that whilst unfortunately, suffering distress, grief, and even trauma, is a natural and normal part of life, this need not overshadow the potential growth, joy and happiness that you may experience in your life now and ahead of you.

 As 'On Being' podcast host, Krista Tippet says: "...that matter of finding joy, and not treating joy as optional but understanding that joy is life-giving, it is resilience-making and it is our human birthright, and it must accompany if we are really to walk into this world ahead of us, and the vast challenges and the magnificent callings; we have to claim joy. We have to be whole, and we have to stay whole."

Healing our pain and sorrow is a slow and gradual process, and there is no happily-ever-after. Happiness is mostly an inside job, and in some ways, it's ongoing 'work' everyday. I believe this inner work is best assisted by sparking a connection to any of the regenerative qualities of the heart, which are revered cross-culturally in ancient philosophical and spiritual traditions, developed by our human ancestors over thousands of years. These qualities include openness, calm, presence, acceptance, appreciation, care, compassion, confidence, creativity and gratitude.

Feelings that deplete our well-being, such as anger, fear, shame, and apathy, are essential biological indicators that we can use to navigate toward meeting our needs. Uncomfortable feelings are useful and important points on your internal, emotional compass that signals unmet needs. It's possible to reduce various forms of psychological distress, when you're able to focus on the feelings that you are experiencing, and find your way to your true north. 

As your therapeutic guide and companion, it's my role to assist you to explore your internal terrain. I may listen, offer reflections and suggestions. I may ask questions that support you to take care of your feelings, and I hope I will help you to discover what would make life more wonderful to you, today.

Here's a deeper plunge into my theoretical background. My practice-based research is in 'holism' and 'parts work'. This means that I see the workings of the psyche as belonging to one, complex, living whole, made up of many parts in inter-dependent systems. I aim to guide you into experiencing your potential for greater harmony and vitality, as you grow awareness, discover and learn to relate with deeper kindness to the aspects or inner 'parts' of yourself, that may benefit from healing and growth through having their needs met. Some of this work may be informed by my ongoing studies in Trauma-Sensitive HeartMath i.e. self-regulation techniques based in the neuroscience of heart-brain coherence, as well as other modalities including Mindfulness, Internal Family Systems and Non-Violent Communication.  My core, holistic approach arises from my training in Psycho-Spiritual Counselling at the Sweet Track Centre, where I built on my earlier person-centred and integrative counselling trainings, to develop an embodied, transpersonal way of practising. My private practice is registered with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and accredited by the National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society. I practice in online therapy, outdoor eco-therapy, supervision, coaching and consultancy. I also hold a diploma in body massage, and I am an experienced mindfulness teacher and qualified therapeutic group facilitator

I am open-minded about individual and diverse expressions of well-being, happiness, spirituality, relationships, and self-development. I hope to empower you to ease your worries, and to lead your life, wholeheartedly.  You're welcome to contact me to arrange an initial consultation.