Kesley Cage

Hello, I'm Kes, and I began 'Living Wisely' with the aspiration to uplift wholeheartedness as an intentional way of life.  I am convinced that joy is a human birthright, and that far from there being a happily ever after, happiness is mostly an inside job that requires ongoing awareness to nurture. I encounter complex and multi-layered distress on a daily basis. Working with a heart-centred approach helps to create space for healing and joy to arise.

I believe that healing is slow and gradual, and that happiness and wellbeing are best assisted by attuning to the heart's innate wisdom. Through sparking a connection to the regenerative emotions of the heart, such as acceptance, appreciation, care, compassion and gratitude, it's possible to return to natural balance and reduce psychological suffering. 

My ongoing practice-based research is in Internal Family Systems therapy (bringing the qualities of the heart to heal and transform the parts of us that need to grow and heal), and I am passionate about Trauma-Sensitive HeartMath (techniques based in the neuroscience of heart-brain coherence).  My core training as a therapist was in Psycho-Spiritual Counselling at the Sweet Track Centre. As a trained and experience multi-modality practitioner, registered with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and accredited by the National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society, I practice in online therapy, outdoor counselling, coaching and consultancy. I affirm diversity and am open-minded about individual expressions of mental health, happiness, spirituality, relationships, and self-development. I hope to empower you to ease your personal struggles, and to live your life wholeheartedly.