Hi, welcome, come in, make yourself at home,

I am based in Glastonbury, UK and can equally meet

you online e.g. via Zoom/email.


My name is Kesley Cage, I am a multidisciplinary

therapist, with an attitude of spiritual

friendship. I tend to make my clients cups of tea

and don't fuss about holding onto power or 

status. We're all alive and in the same boat.

I can offer you:

- Some emotional support

- A soothing body massage with heart and soul (and natural smelly oils)

- Compassionate coaching to empower and encourage you to grow!

- Communication facilitation for your family or group

- Possibly some personally-tailored gifts

- A biscuit, or three

Now, let's talk about personal change and social justice for a mo'...

Many of us are changing ourselves to change the world, hopefully. 

(You know that thing that Gandhi is supposed to have said, right? Yeah, that.)

Anyway, I believe that health and happiness for everyone begins with generosity and gratitude - so I freely give my time away to clients. Just like that.


Naturally, I trust my clients will 'pay-what-you-can-afford' to support me, and still, I turn no-one away for lack of funds.  Our time together is priceless.

When we meet in the spirit of true freedom, magic happens. I know, I experience it often, and my clients do too (simply read my reviews).

Life energy flows between us in our relationship, it's a part of the healing work; two human beings just being fully human together. It's beautiful. It's a sharing of privilege.

So what am I actually offering you?

In a word: refuge.  An opportunity to slow down, relax and heal. Your basic nature is to self-heal, and when I say 'heal' - I mean that deep, body, mind and soul healing is possible. How? You'll just have to trust and see.

Cup of Tea


Healing & Transformation 

"I want to recommend Kesley, he really eased my stress and worries and provided clarity on my life path so I now know in which direction I want to go."

- E. Tbilisi, Georgia

"After our session, I felt so relaxed and so calm that even my sleep quality proved to be better than it was before"

- G. London, UK

"Kesley is a fantastic holistic therapist! The level of connection to my emotional needs, the amount of energy flowing through his hands, the almost instant relief from the pain I felt then and how good I feel now makes me recommend him very highly - and how deep I went into relaxation mode was superb, too."

- S. Somerset, UK

"I love this class. I get so much out of it. It is definitely worth waking up at 5 am for!" D. New York, USA

"I am blissed out with the work we have done together." - H. Oxford, UK 

"I am recommending you to everyone on my course" - J. Brighton, UK

"I will travel from London to see you again because I know you are the best" - J. London, UK

"Your workshop was the highlight of my summer" - A. Dordogne, France

"Anyone would be blessed to work with you" - L. Suffolk, UK

"I found Kesley's reading to be very loving and thoughtful, and also full of wisdom. There was plenty to think about, and I will take away certain key phrases and ideas to help me when I hit a rough or challenging patch in my life. That is the best thing about it, I think - it will strengthen me in some ways, permanently." - L. Carmarthen, UK

"The reading you gave me was amazing" - F. Suffolk, UK

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Appointments are available early to late, Tuesday to Saturday in Somerset & Online.

Contact: kesley.cage@gmail.com (I'll usually get back to you in 1-3 days)

Deep gratitude for my practice goes to my ancestors, family, teachers, mentors, friends, communities and clients whom I learn and receive so much support from every day.

Kesley Cage, MFHT

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