Living Wisely

Counselling & Holistic Therapy

As a therapist, my role is to accompany you, and facilitate the time and space that you need to focus on you and your life. I cannot change your life for you, however, I can assist you to explore ways that you could increase calm, confidence, and compassion in your world.

All aspects of you are welcome here. This is a space for you as a whole human being, with all your feelings, thoughts, needs, secrets, gifts and dreams. You will not be judged. You will be totally respected.

I will shape a therapy experience that is fully adaptable and suited to your preferences, drawing from a wellspring of therapeutic approaches in which I'm trained and experienced. You will be empowered to lead your therapy, and lead your life.

Everyone needs extra support sometimes.

Some of the common issues people bring to their therapy with me include: 

Some of the benefits my clients experience are: 

You're welcome to read more, and schedule a consultation.

Recent feedback (names changed to protect privacy - plus, I only included a brief outline of everyone here, as we are all so much more than labels):

"You helped me find happiness in a hard place. My mind was like a dirty rag, and has now been washed clean."  ~ Aabid, 21, Musician, Queer Refugee, Bereavement, Survivor of Rape, Chronic Homophobic Violence, Torture and Institutionalised Racism...

"Having this space really helps me to process my thoughts and feelings. You hold me accountable for making progress and working on my inner self." ~ Tim, 25, Athlete, ADHD, Self-esteem, Survivor of Bullying and Classism...

"Thank you for accepting me even when I cried and felt such a mess. You've given me the time and space I needed to figure things out. Also, learning about the Five Love Languages really helped me in my relationship. We've talked about so much, and I'm feeling so much better about everything. I even like myself now." ~ Poppy,  40, Artist, New Mother, Bereavement, ADD, Survivor of Bullying and Parental Narcissistic Abuse...

"Counselling really works. I released so much anxiety." ~ Arthur, 28, Single Father, Social Entrepreneur, Family Separation, Survivor of Domestic (Emotional) Abuse...

"I couldn't have done this without you. My self-worth is improving, whereas previously it had been chipping away because of drinking. I now have better boundaries, and it's even benefiting how I show up at work... Most of the anxiety is now gone. " ~ Matt,  52, Clinician, Gay Man, Anxiety, Bereavement, Alcohol Addiction

"My whole life has changed. Every aspect of my life is now better since I started therapy. " ~ Joules, 32,  Non-Binary, Community Organiser, Relationship Break-Up, Survivor of Child Neglect and Intimate Partner Manipulation, Control and Emotional Abuse...

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