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Online, Somerset & London, UK

All honour and gratitude for my services go to my parents, teachers, friends, colleagues and clients whom I learn from every day in my practice



Hello, I'm Kesley Cage and this is my official website. I am a life coach, massage therapist, group facilitator and art practitioner. The focus of my work is to reduce pain and suffering and uplift health and well-being. I hold sessions Online and in Glastonbury and Wells, Somerset, UK. 

My professional oath is to be fully present with you.

I will not judge you or force my views upon you.

I will respect you as a whole person.

You may feel to reach out to me if you wish to:


  • Ease your heart with increased self-compassion

  • Develop emotional awareness and balance

  • Cultivate an insightful relationship with your body's wisdom

  • Nourish inner growth for improved personal relationships

  • Release tension from your body and soul

  • Receive support during New Beginnings, Life Transitions, Challenges, Dark Nights of the Soul, Loss, Turmoil and Coming Home to Yourself

  • Connect to your individual sense of spirituality and sovereignty

  • Occupy your core 'essential beingness'

  • Increase calm and resilience

  • Open yourself to grace and joy

I may provide you with:

* online coaching sessions - for clients all around the world

* coaching sessions locally in Glastonbury & Wells

* massage sessions in Glastonbury & Wells

* spiritually-based workshops and retreats 


Kesley Cage


Healing & Transformation 

'I want to recommend Kesley, he really eased my stress and worries and provided clarity on my life path so I now know in which direction I want to go.'

- Elena

'After our session, I felt so relaxed and so calm that even my sleep quality proved to be better than it was before'

- Gabriela

'I really enjoy our relationship, I am blissed out with the work we have done together.' - Harry

'I am recommending you to everyone on my course' - Joanne

'I will travel from London to see you again because I know you are the best' - James

'Your workshop was the highlight of my summer' - Alan

'You are a gifted healer, it comes naturally' - Vanessa

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Please tell me a little about you, your well-being and how you feel I could assist you.