Hello and welcome, dear heart,

We are living in extraordinary times. 

Today is your brightest opportunity

for increased abundance, joy and ease...

Yet it's also a stressful, productivity-driven,

soulless world out there sometimes...

I offer you refuge. A safe place to stop and be. Replenish. Calm your nerves. Strengthen your resolve. 

I provide deep listening, compassionate insight and a spiritual touch. I utilise coaching, ceremony, and massage to empower your well-being, happiness and success.

Please enjoy reading my website to find out how my freely-given services may help you to feel happier, healthier and at home in your heart, soul and everyday life.





Healing & Transformation 

'I want to recommend Kesley, he really eased my stress and worries and provided clarity on my life path so I now know in which direction I want to go.'

- E.

'After our session, I felt so relaxed and so calm that even my sleep quality proved to be better than it was before'

- G.

'I really enjoy our relationship, I am blissed out with the work we have done together.' - H.

'I am recommending you to everyone on my course' - J.

'I will travel from London to see you again because I know you are the best' - J.

'Your workshop was the highlight of my summer' - A.

'You are a gifted healer, it comes naturally' - V.

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Deep gratitude for my services goes to my ancestors, parents, teachers, mentors, friends, colleagues and clients whom I learn and receive so much from every day.

This is a generosity-based business operating in the 'Gift Economy'. Services are freely-given. 

Donations are welcome to sustain my living via PayPal. A percentage of profit is paid to several humanitarian and nature charities.

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