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A Sanctuary for Contemplation

Welcome, you may be here because you are coming to terms with some personal distress, and feel that perhaps this may be the right time for you to gain some professional insight and support. 

A little about me...

My name is Kesley Cage, I'm an integrative and body-oriented transpersonal counsellor/coach. You may benefit from working with me if you wish to overcome difficulties, losses or stuckness, and develop your authentic beliefs, meaning and purpose in life. I integrate my practice with a person-centred approach in a depth-relational way, inviting you to focus on your body's intelligence and what your innermost feelings, dreams, and images are communicating to you.

Why work together?

At this challenging time for humanity with so much widespread adversity, crisis and oppression, I am developing a specialism in collective trauma healing, informed by polyvagal theory, mindfulness, creative arts and body psychology. I've committed to multiple years of intensive training and practice in therapeutic care with gender, sex and relationship diverse clients.

I hold numerous professionally accredited certificates in spiritual life coaching, psychospiritual counselling and holistic therapy, and continue developing the very latest, cutting-edge practice-based research informed by world-leading professionals in the field of trauma, mental health and spirituality. My practice is regulated by a professional ethical framework set by the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists.

Sometimes tuning into the soulful wisdom of your body, and listening deeply to your feelings may seem overwhelming or a bit foggy or possibly even numb to comprehend; I offer compassionate psychological care, and trauma-sensitive accompaniment, so you may safely develop in self-awareness and heal on your way to increased understanding of what your body and soul need, and are desiring to become in the world. 

Where may we meet?

I work in a comfortable, safe and private location in Glastonbury, Somerset, UK, and internationally via confidential, encrypted email and video calls. I also practice in the wild hills and woods of Somerset, for those who may enjoy being in nature, outdoors. Any way that you may wish to meet, you are very welcome to say hello and request an initial consultation

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Time out of time for healing

Can you imagine living a blessed, courageous and happy life? Would you like a little help?

I believe that as evolving human beings, every one of us has tremendous potential for profound joy and immense love, happiness and well-being, however, each individual at some time or other may also risk encountering challenges and the need to recover from various forms of relational harm, the agony of overly mundane existence, grief, loss, mental health distress or even spiritual crises. Unfortunately, it's normal to suffer, still - the good news is: happiness is available practically everywhere.


Need to talk?

So you may be looking for some therapeutic accompaniment and assistance...

Therapy means to be accompanied in a (non-judgemental, accepting) way, so that you may reconcile with some of the issues and problems you'd like to change in your life, and come out feeling stronger, more confident, empowered and resilient. You may gain more of a sense of belonging to yourself, and the world that you'd like to co-create during this precious life of yours. 

For many reasons, (such as abuse, illness, oppression, childhood adversity,) many people today may suffer with mental health problems, spiritual distress or some sense of being ‘othered', misunderstood, harmed or neglected. Practically everyone needs some form of support to survive and encounter troubles such as post-traumatic stress, depression, anxiety, existential issues, concerns related to neurodiversity, life struggles, communication or sex and relationship problems as they occur.

Maybe you are longing to heal from dark nights of the soul, low mood, shame, fear, loneliness, sudden loss or lingering distress. Whether the imperative is to honour pain or make a conscious change/ending or new beginning, therapy may assist you on your path of healing and belonging, and empower you to develop a sense of wholeness that may have seemed damaged, unseen or tarnished until now.


Self-love, not self-fixing

You may be expecting someone to try to fix you. I'm not going to do that.

No one is broken.

By relating compassionately with all aspects of you present in the here-and-now, we develop the person-centred conditions, evidenced to be effective for healing trauma, self-actualisation and human thriving.

I welcome all parts of you, without judgement, so you can dare to be yourself, wholeheartedly.


To marvel at small things, to open your heart, settle your mind and assimilate the wild dream called 'life' that we all share in;

To savour the joy, profound togetherness, and solace in transforming our limited perspectives -

Yes, these are wonders and contemplations that may engage us to really 'do the work' and thereby examine what it means to be a conscious, exuberant and gifted human being;

Beloved Soul, may you continue in freedom to experience the richness of a good, noble life, and may you live deeply with gentle ease, honesty, integrity and gusto!



Exploring mind-heart-soul-body-matter (all the things!)

Dear one,

I invite you to land softly in your body here and now;

You can observe your feelings if you choose to.

Felt-sensations are like a compass to navigate your way in life.

You may experience that some pleasure liberates you, and some pleasure binds you.

You may choose to savour, cling on or let go.

You may even notice that some pain signals the need for rest, and some pain calls for change or endurance.

You can invest yourself more, relax, or fight if you want to.

You are not your feelings. Yet how you respond to the energy of life moving through you, is what creates your destiny.

Cosy poppy

Arrive in a sacred space

I offer this sanctuary to healing souls;

A space where you may relax,
A space where you may recover,
A space where you may nourish,
A space where you may thrive,
A space where you may be you.