Being in Therapy

A note about the meaning of different terms: Counselling, Psychotherapy, Therapy and Psychological Therapy are all interchangeable terms, with slightly different stresses on similar meanings.  The etymology of Counselling originates in the Latin consilium which means "to consult together in deliberation and thought." 'Psycho-' comes from the Ancient Greek word psyche meaning "soul" or "animating spirit" also akin to psychein which means "to breathe" and "to cool and make dry." Mysterious! Therapy too is rooted in Ancient Greek; therapia means "care" or "accompaniment". Logical comes from another Ancient Greek word Logos which means "to analyse and find meaning and reason."

 What is therapy really about?

Therapy is a kind of deep accompaniment. Being in therapy is an experience of being deeply seen and heard, whilst you reflect and explore your experiences. We will work together to clarify and focus on any areas of your inner life, mental health or personal development that you wish to work on.

What happens in therapy?

You are simply invited to explore yourself i.e. your true self and who you are capable of becoming. As this happens you begin to stop behaving or resisting how you believe that others want you to be, and learn to love being you instead.

How much of an impact does therapy have?

You may find it easier to understand your strengths and vulnerabilities so you can be more honest about these with yourself, and with other people. This empowers you to say "no" to what no longer serves you, and say "yes!" to serving your highest values and interests, which in the long run benefits everyone. As the old saying goes, the truth sets us all free.

Ultimately, being in therapy is a path of following your heart

On this precious planet Earth that we live on, with so much awe and longing all around us, it's possible to lose our way due to the demands and pressures of family, work and society.

Sometimes we may just need to pause and rest for a while, to recollect and gather our senses. Therapy is an opportunity to slow down, stop and recalibrate to remember who you really are, who you love, what you value and hold meaningful in your heart. Deeper than any of the exterior, worldly phenomena, you're a human being with an interior life that deserves your careful tending.

As a therapist who is entirely focused on uplifting wellbeing, my role is to support you as you rediscover yourself, and ease your way into the future that your heart is calling you toward.