Corporate Services

Reflective Practice, Relational Online Groups

Psychoeducation, Workshops and Retreats

Individual Counselling, Groups and Psychological First Aid

Wellbeing at Work Consultations and Activity Days

Across all aspects of organisations, industries, societies, there is one thing in common - we are all people with mental and emotional health, and our thoughts, feelings, words and actions all interrelate. Our togetherness matters.  

I provide services to organisations and events where small and large groups of people come together, including:

Reflective Practice Process Groups

Reflective practice process groups are an opportunity for individual members of a community, team or organisation to join together and reflect on relationships and a shared sense of purpose and belonging within the organisation. I aim to enhance connection and mutual understanding with proven methods for heart-based communication and authentic relating. In some instances, sessions may be or focused in response to developing goals and vision, or processing a shared traumatic event, loss or any big changes. Benefits include clearer communication and stronger, more cohesive relationships which may lead to increased satisfaction, happiness, attendance and wellbeing across the team.

Education, Training, Workshops and Retreats

Education and training empowers participants with practical knowledge and embodied wisdom to create positive change in their lives and communities. I delight in sharing group training experiences in mental health awareness, communication, mindfulness, self-care and community support skills. Training may include talks, demonstrations, experiential exercises, and may last from a few hours to a full weekend retreat.

Business and Media Consultancy

I provide consultancy in support of Diversity and Mental Health Awareness. Consultations may be confidential in support of your business management, or may be public for press release e.g. television and radio.

Psychological First Aid 

Psychological First Aid is a way to support people who are experiencing strong emotions, grief or anxious thoughts. For workplace arrangements, ad hoc sessions are provided by phone or online video call. I also am experienced in providing professional psychological first aid, in person, at conferences and events. 

Therapeutic Counselling

Counselling can improve feelings of calm and confidence, social connection, and a sense of purpose at school or at work. I provide online counselling services for clients experiencing mild to moderate psychological distress. A service agreement may be offered to the organisation with a monthly subscription, or ad hoc availability.