Mindfulness Meditation

Through daily practice, meditation becomes a way of rooting yourself in awareness of your inner experience of life, as a way of being, not just a relaxation technique to counterbalance stress. 

Meditation is proven to help with:

Meditation is a way of sustaining a compassionate relationship with all aspects of yourself, and supports relationships with those around you. A conscious daily practice may facilitate conditions for natural, physical and psycho-spiritual healing. My experience is that meditation is supportive in taking care of anxiety, low mood and strong emotions - it is a major self care resource that can lead to personal transformation, and can also change how we influence the world around us, better well-being. There is much research to suggest that meditation also restores a healthy balance to blood pressure, heart rate and reduces inflammation and many other illnesses. I work with people with little to no experience of meditation, as well as those who have considerable experience, to create and sustain a mindful way of life.

You can practise meditation, whatever your personal beliefs, faith, spiritual path or religious tradition. I practice in the Plum Village tradition of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh (42nd Generation of Vietnamese Zen Master Linji), with a multi-faith/inter-spiritual perspective. I am also informed by trauma-sensitive mindfulness and psychotherapy, and draw on the work of many other mindfulness teachers from a variety of secular and spiritual traditions.

Mindfulness Meditation Group Courses

'Be Calm, Be Happy (Online 6-Week Mindfulness Course)' - Regular dates listed on Eventbrite

'Zen Men' - Mindfulness events in Brighton for men on Eventbrite

'Mindfulness in Nature' in Brighton and open to everyone - Please register your interest

One-to-one Mindfulness Practice Guidance Consultations

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