Making the Leap

It's an incredibly vulnerable thing to do to reach out to someone for support, and requires some self-trust and commitment to get started. To explore whether you're really ready right now to self-refer for counselling, you are welcome to use the simple self-assessment questionnaire below. You'll need a pen and paper, and 5 minutes to focus your attention.

Next to every statement, please choose from either 'Y' for yes, you agree, or 'N' no, you disagree. If you are unsure, please select 'N'.

You can record your answers on a notepad, and then check your scores at the end of the exercise.

Scores: If you scored mostly 'Y' then you may be ready for therapy and are welcome to schedule an initial consultation. If you scored 'N' next to one or more of the statements, then it is possible that now may not be the right time for you to self-refer to therapy, however there's still plenty you can do to support your mental health and personal development, and you're welcome to read my blog.