Sometimes, life might seem as simple as being with the people we love, and doing what we enjoy, and not letting anything else trouble us too much. However the capacity to be content with our lives and cherish ourselves,  may be confused by inaccurate reflections from others, stigma, stereotypes, media misrepresentations and discriminatory attitudes. This causes harm and may lead to us 'masking' and struggling to fit into the traditions and moulds of the wider world around us, or even the expectations set by those we're close to. When we need understanding from others, and do not receive it, then we may be left wondering with questions like:

"Am I accepted?"

"Am I enough?" 

"Do I matter?"

"Do I belong?"

Struggles may include:

I believe that difference and diversity are essential qualities of life. I aim to be open-minded about various cultures, forms of self-expression and ways of being, and draw on integrative modalities, and also my own lived experiences, to offer a personalised therapy service. 

My training and experience includes working with people with many different ancestral and cultural heritages. I work in an allied, exploratory and affirmative way with individuals whose identities and well-being are intertwined with social issues such as: race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality and relationship diversity, neurodivergence, disabilities, class, sex work and other marginalised professions, alternative values to the mainstream, and discrimination, stereotyping, stigma, or persecution. 

Your whole, true self, including every aspect of you, is welcome here.

I practise to provide an inclusive, accepting, nonjudgmental space of self-enquiry and empowerment for all my clients. If you're interested in getting started, then please request a consultation today.