Young People

Counselling is for everyone. Many people benefit from an opportunity to have a healthy chat about anything at all. My role is simply to be warm and inviting, not to judge, to listen to all that you have to say, and to support you to feel brighter and more 'yourself' and at ease after every session.

I also have lots of experience in counselling young people who struggle with feeling nervous, sad, or out of sorts, and individuals who are having some difficulties at home with family, or friendships inside or outside of school or college. Counselling helps young people to find self-empowerment, resources and realistic solutions to make the most of life.  If you so wish to, counselling can also be a space to talk about big issues such as climate crisis, war, and the difficulties and privileges of growing up into the world of today; it's also opportunity to explore your feelings, beliefs and sense of purpose, and calling in response to the world we live in.

I hold the necessary trainings in child and adolescent mental health and safeguarding and qualifications to work with young people ages 12 and over. I work according to the BACP's competency framework for providing humanistic counselling to young people. I have previously counselled young people in community settings as part of charitable initiatives. 

We may meet together for 6 sessions or more. Each session is friendly and positive, and affirms strengths and possibilities. Parents and carers are welcome to get started and schedule a consultation for your child, or if you're a young person and reading this then you're welcome to get started yourself.  🙂