During my training and clinical practice as a therapist, I developed my own holistic philosophy and integrative theoretical model. I chose the term holistic (i.e. 'whole-istic') as I share the view that every individual and system is a whole made up of various psychological and somatic parts and intrinsically interconnected and inseparable from the socio-political, ecological and cosmic whole of life. 

My theory is based on principles informed by my own practice-based phenomenological research, and supported by training in integrative counselling and coaching, and an interest in global studies on health and well-being. The artistic and spiritual core of my practice is the quality of compassionate, warm and genuine presence that I offer. My interventions are informed by the following basic principles, which are constantly in a state of being tested and refined, like all good science.

You'll notice that I write these principles from the collective perspective of "we" as so far they've proven to be universally applicable for all human beings from all kinds of experiences, cultures and walks of life. I remain alongside you, and my intention is to stay open to learning how to support you best.

21 Principles of my Theoretical Model: