Massage Therapy

Massage was my first love as a therapist, and I've been practising for over a decade. Whilst massage is a wonderful therapy for physical health, sports, exercise and an active lifestyle, it also has a profound effect on mental health and wellness. My mission is to provide a safe, and supportive space, to reconnect body and mind and feel nourished by compassionate touch and therapeutic care.

Some of my research has taken me to explore the deeply essential effects of touch on human development from infancy and up. Touch is our most basic, animal instinct that provides connection, safety, comfort and soothing. Many people today, especially after the covid-19 pandemic, are feeling isolated and touch starved, and some of us are still venturing a return to hugs, and friendly touch, which helps us feel safe, relaxed and connected. In British culture, compared to many places around the world, communication through touch is also extremely limited. Furthermore, some of us have experienced abuse and sexual violence, which makes human touch a potentially scary thing, as the body and mind connection becomes distorted and defended against boundary transgressions and harm. Receiving professional, ethical massage therapy, can help to melt away the body armour and barriers against connection, and repair spiritual damage.

After a consultation together, we will have identified the areas of your body that you feel would most benefit from professional, therapeutic massage. For instance, that day, you may be experiencing tension in your head, neck and shoulders, or be feeling that your mental energy has been very busy lately, and you would like to 'ground' more in your body, so we might focus on bringing your energy and awareness down into your hands or feet, which have reflexes that connect and bring balance to the whole of your body. It's possible to massage all major areas of your full body, working the muscular and fascial tissues and supporting blood circulation and lymphatic clearance and flow.

The therapeutic touch that I provide is a quality of presence and care that works in various kinds of holding, motion, and pressure to the areas of your body on which, we are focusing. Massage therapy is an interior and exterior experience of relaxation and wellbeing. Different forms of massage may be beneficial to your body during the changing seasons of the year. During the warmer weather, it's possible to receive a massage with soothing skin treatments, in which case you may wear a sarong during the massage. In the colder weather, you can wrap up and feel the comfortable weight and pressure of blankets for a snug and cosy experience. Please wear all loose-fitting layers of clothing in soft, natural materials such as cotton. Every massage is personally designed to care for and respect your body, mind, feelings and intuition.

I have a particular interest in providing massages to people who have difficulties with their body, perhaps due to body image concerns, high sensitivity and/or trauma. All are welcome, and much of my work has been in support of the LGBTQIA+ community. With a nod to the fairytale of massage originating in Scandinavia (massage has in fact been practised worldwide for thousands of years), I like to describe my massage practice using the Danish word "hyggelig" which means "to give courage, comfort, joy."

Massage therapy is held at my clinic in Brighton.